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3D street dance

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Charlotte Rampling , Chris Wilson , Eleanor Bron , Patrick Baladi , Tameka Empson , Simone Liebman , Sianad Gregory , Rachel McDowall , Nichola Burley , Daniella Masterson , David Cunningham , Mark Tristan Eccles , George Sampson , Kofi Aggyman , Brendan Conway , Ukweli Roach , Jocelyn Jee Esien , Diversity , Lex Milczarek , Lauri Brewster , Flawless , Teneisha Bonner , Rhiann Keys , Jennifer Leung , Jon Adam Freeman , Richard Winsor
Dania Pasquini , Max Giwa
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Universum Film

Hiphop, breakdance, street dance - dancing is Carly’s (Nichola Burley) life. With her crew she has made it to the UK Street Dance Championships. But to win here, they need a place to train and prepare. One thing is clear: without hard work they can not reach it. When Helen (Charlotte Rampling), dance teacher at the prestigious Royal Dance School, offers the crew to train in the rooms of the dance academy, they cater to their unusual condition:

The Street Dancers must include the unpopular ballet students in their training. Two worlds collide: Not only do their different dance cultures seem to be incompatible. You also have to look at their origin, their goals, fears and hopes. Although the differences between the dancers seem insurmountable, they continue to fight and find their common language: the dancing. With every turn, every dance step, every beat of the music they come closer. Finally, Carly finds not only the perfect dance crew, but also a great love