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3D TV Sales To Take Off In 2014




3D TV will have to wait until 2014 for 3D television sales to take off. With an insufficient 3 percent growth recorded in 2010, production of equipment with the 3D capabilities will reach 83 million units within three years.

Databank's new report confirms the findings of some previous studies that growth world's 3D televisions will be modest in the near future.."

The slow growth of this sector over the last year, means that a slow development, which, in late 2009, had caused a buzz in the industry. In the new report from the consultant, it is said that the 3D TV market will have grew by 6.2 million units sold in 2010, which means 3 percent of all televisions manufactured during that year, and 33 million units by the end 2012.

The growth of this market will be basically caused by the marketing strategies of the leading manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. Other factors which will also influence the sales of 3D TVs will be the availability of 3D content for the televisions. The amount of 3D content available is increasing and the more content that becomes available, the more it will help give the sales of 3D TVs a boost.