3D TV Service in Italy
Italian 3D TV Service

3D TV Service in Italy Launched




The Italian private broadcasting group Mediaset has launched a 3D TV content service for DTT in Italy.

TV users have access to a catalog of 50 films in 3D that are downloaded by DTT in a hard disk. This technology addresses the high demand for bandwidth for 3D content and streaming problems, according to Europa Press.

The 3D project issue is not new. Other chains, such as the Catalan TV3 have already tested similar 3D services. The reception of the new service is performed by Motive Bestv device, a decoder equipped with hard drives.

The system will store the content and notify you when the process ends. This to avoid problems that may occur for users wanting to watch the 3D content while it being downloaded download.

The use of the available spectrum to digital terrestrial television looks like one of the solutions for easy 3D content. Dealers are aware that 3D content needs twice the normal capacity. The bandwidth required for 3D Television content is very high and have therefore sought alternative ways like this, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Mediaset 3D TV content service works by subscription. Previously the company offered 3D content which was transmitted by cable or satellite. The use of DTT for this type of content is a way that other companies are investigating, but Mediaset has been the first firm to announce a service of this type.

Last year, 3D TV sales of equipment for viewing 3D content were 3.2 million units, form a total of 247 million total TV sets sold worldwide. Thus, experts are cautious about the upcoming success of this technology, which is still at its early stages