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The initial models of 3D TV that have been released onto the market require the user to watch 3D TV with glasses. This has been a common trait with all the leading 3D TV manufacturers.

All 3D TVs with glasses require the user to possess a special pair of 3D TV glasses that work specifically with the 3D TV that they have purchased. Although some companies have experimented with 3D TVs that can be watched by a universal pair of glasses across the different TV makes, most of the leading manufacturers require the user to wear 3D TV glasses that are specifically designed for the TV model that they're watching.

There are now a large variety of 3D TVs on to the market and here on this website we have reviewed the leading 3D televisions released by the major players in the industry. Although there is talk of having 3D TVs without glasses, it is anticipated that 3D TVs with glasses are still going to be playing a major role in the market. In fact most of the sales of 3D televisions on the market have been a 3D TVs with glasses.

Whether you are looking for an LCD TV, a plasma TV or a 3D LED TV, surf through our website to read further about 3D televisions, which was the best to suit your needs, which ones suit your budget and which new 3D TV models are going to be available to the mainstream public soon.

As time goes on TV makers are continuously improving their 3D TV technologies and hence are offering newer models that have involved technologically to offer a better immersive experience at the comfort of your own. Some manufacturers are working towards making the 3D televisions with glasses more user-friendly by reducing electronic gadgetry Barry is integrated with the glasses and others are working towards offering 3D TVs that will be viewable with universal specs. The bottom line is that technology is changing at a rapid rate and in order to keep up with the latest 3D TV with glasses keep visiting this website to keep your knowledge up-to-date.