3D TV Without Glasses
3D Television With no Glasses

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It only seems like yesterday when 3D TV with glasses was released that we have already entered into an era where there is increasing talk of 3D TV without glasses. Many of us know that 3D TV looks to take the market by storm as time progresses. The relationship between the availability of 3D TV content and the sale of 3D TVs appears to be exponential. It is obvious that the success of 3D TV will continue as we get more 3D TV content delivered to us.

Another element that is important to the longevity of the success of 3D TV is the availability of 3D TV without glasses. It is only a matter of time before 3D TV without glasses becomes widely available on the mainstream market.

The initial release of 3D TV has been dependent on the use of specialized 3D television glasses. However, this looks set to change not in the too distant future with their leading television manufacturers already working hard to release 3D TV without glasses. Although the initial models of 3D TV with glasses are doing an excellent job to give the TV viewer a very realistic and a fully immersive experience of their television, having 3D televisions without glasses is the next natural evolutionary step. The availability of such TVs will open up the doors wider for increased sales of 3D televisions around the world.

3D TVs without glasses will mean an improved viewer experience by the way of better viewing angles as well as the added advantage of not having to wear glasses for everyone to enjoy 3D television from their home. This is a naturally appealing proposition and hence the reason why some companies have already released 3D TV without glasses. Toshiba Electronics was one of the first companies to showcase its Toshiba 3D TV without glasses and the company is working hard to make further 3D TV models that do not require glasses. The introduction of 3D TV without glasses by Toshiba has opened the doors for an exciting new TV market. The company's initial range of 3D televisions without glasses included a range of sizes for the world market.

The introduction of 3D TV without glasses by Toshiba 3D TV has encouraged other companies to also push ahead with their innovations. In fact as part of the innovation exercise a group of Japanese scientists produced the word world's largest 3D TV without glasses.

We closely monitor the release of new 3D TV models onto the market and we are especially keeping a close eye on the release of new 3D TV models that do not require that the other to wear glasses. Technologies such as Holo TV are also worth wathcing as these are tipped to become the next 3D viewing experience.