Astra and 3D TV Agreement
3D Televisions

Agreement between Astra and industry for 3D TV




The satellite operator SES Astra has signed an agreement with the telecommunications industry for the introduction of 3D TV technology across Europe.

This is an agreement that establishes the minimum technology for the introduction of 3D TV in the Old Continent. Through this agreement, will use satellite transmissions to-peer formats, in the case of resolutions 1080 or bottom-up, in the case of 720p, which would be compatible with existing HD receivers.

Point to point formats and bottom-up are two types of transmission for 3D satellite broadcasts, through which two images are mixed horizontally and vertically in a single frame. With them it is necessary to dispatch two different images to the eyes of the viewers perceive the stereoscopic effect (3D).

Also, free services are performed in 3D using mechanisms defined under current DVB standard, which will automatically change the emission from 2D to 3D and vice versa.