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Canal + Spain 3D TV to be Successful




Although 3D TV has only just begun worldwide, Canal + Spain expects the success of the new 3D TV technology to be great. This was confirmed by its director of Sports, Victor Santamaria, who has predicted that the deployment of 3D TV will be explosive in three years.

As part of the Festival of Television and Radio Vitoria, recently held in the Basque capital, another group of professionals have also tried the same theme, though some have voiced concerns that there are still problems with the availability of 3D content development, and as a result have chosen to continue to experiment in order to contribute ideas and make things better.

However, Paco Plaza, filmmaker and author of the documentary "Bunbury 3D" about the musician Enrique Bunbury (recently completed and released in 3D for Canal + Spain), has disagreed with Santamaria and has been more cautious about the entry of the 3D TV technology in Spanish homes, noting that "we are in a time of pioneers, full of risks and difficulties, so that the implementation of 3D television will not be immediate because there is no great demand from viewers.