Dragster 3D Movie Review
Dragster 3D

Dragster 3D Movie



Stephen Stahl
Documentation , Sports / Wellness

3D film-maker Stephen steel films a season of dragster racing with his 3D HD camera. The result is a spectacular documentary on the Dutch championship drag racing and their dragster racing team.

The film tells the true story of drag-racing operator and driver Olav Schwiderek Lars Wiese, who wants to achieve the title of 'Dutch Dragster Champion SSC "in Class' Super Street Cars'. The film provides about 80 minutes racing spectacle at its best in highest-quality 3D TV in HD.

'Dragster 3D' documents in 80 minutes the two drag racing enthusiasts Lars Wiese and Olav Schwiderek with many years of self-assembled and NOS tuned Chevi Malibu the Dutch championship in dragster racing in the class 'SSC Super Street Cars' win . You can see the different racing teams with your dragsters with up to 3000 hp Funny Car. Lars has learned the dragster screws in the USA, and is a specialist in the tuning of Chevrolett motors with NOS, and he is a master of all sorts of other tricks. The film provides a deep insight into the elite scene of screwdrivers and dragster racing. Much time is spent with the dragster racing team with the maintenance and performance tuning of their brute engines