Fashion TV for 3D TV
Fashion TV on 3D Television

Fashion TV On 3D Tests




The world famous fashion channel, Fashion TV, has begun testing to broadcast its programs for 3D TV. The TV channel was present at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new 3D TV channel will be launched next summer, according to internal sources and will be distributed over ten satellites worldwide. This is a major step for the TV channel and exciting at the same time. The supply of 3D TV programs on the channel will help 3D TV buyers even more 3D content in the coming future.

Fashion TV currently reaches over 350 million households in 193 countries. The broadcaster also broadcasts in HD and the step up to 3D will a nice step up to a platform that is becoming increasingly popular. It should not be long before other major TV programs start following in the foot steps of this trend to make 3D Television the new technology of the home.