First European channel with full 3D
European 3D TV

First European channel with full 3D production




3D TV is the future, as commented by many TV industry experts and broadcasters. Thus, Europe will soon have a channel devoted entirely to deliver content with the 3D technology.

The new 3D television will be called myZen and broadcast one hundred percent 3D content. And the managers of the service are promising more than a hundred film titles that will be available in 3D on the new channel.

myZen is a channel for relaxation and the world of yoga and the spiritual techniques of welfare. The channel broadcasts programs that provide nice images from around the world and already has thousands of followers across the European continent through various digital platforms. The channel hopes to provide its loyal followers a more immersive experience with the introduction of the new 3D programs.

myZen is just one of many channels that will evolve to embrace the new 3D TV technology. The demand for the 3D technology is already growing and new programming will mean that more and more people can enjoy the benefits of 3D TV from the comfort of their own homes