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HD TV and 3D TVs




Multi-Sector Association of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics (ASIMELEC) will organize a new congress on HDTV and 3D TV next Thursday and Friday, in Oviedo, called "Technical Symposium on High Definition TV ".

The event will analyze and discuss the current and future television, technological advances and digital content. In addition, there will be the first demonstrations in Spain of 3D HD TV broadcast and interactive applications and HbbTV, the public regional channel from the Spaniard.

Additionally, the conference will also examine the legal framework contained in the General Law of Communication Studies and the State Council of Audiovisual (CEMA), pending the establishment and promised by the State Government.

Finally, among the keynote speakers will be John Doe, CEO of ASIMELEC, Antonio Mateos, president of the National Federation of Business installers Telecommunications (FENITEL), Juan Zafra, president of Digital Contents Committee and Antonio Fernandez Paniagua ASIMELEC , Secretary General of Planning and Spectrum Management, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.