Internet TV Sales to Rise
Internet TV Sales

Internet TV Sales expected to rise sharply




It is estimated that by 2014, there will be 47 million Internet-connected TVs in Europe. In the same year, nearly 40 percent of the televisions manufactured for the U.S. market will have at least one integrated device to connect to the Internet and other services.

According to a study by consultancy Futurescape, this figure would rise to 43 million of the 115.9 million homes with television in the USA. Other experts suggest that in a few years, 57 million households will be viewing programming from the Internet through their televisions.

The U.S. figures are below the average forecast for mundial.Así, which estimates that within five years, 54 percent of all flat screen televisions in the world (148.3 million) will have access to the Web. The highest level of Internet TVs is offered by the major global manufacturer of consumer electronics Samsung, who says that in 2014, 70 percent of their televisions will be connected to the Internet, with the present levels being at 17 percent of its production.

In Europe, the growth of this market will be much more visible, because the Internet TV will grow from 4 million in 2009 to a staggering 47 million in 2014, as recorded by the magazine Marketing Directo.

Germany is the country which is adapting this technology more quickly. By 2015, the report estimates that 61 percent of German households will have a television that is connected to the internet.

The rise in the sales of the Internet TV will surely lead to some people ditching their computers to view most of the media on their TVs. The development at this pace is exciting in the sense that it will change the way we use our TVs