3D display without glasses
Largest 3D Television

Largest 3D TV Without Glasses




A group of scientists from the National Institute of Information Technology and Communications of Japan (NICT), presented a 3D display sized 200 inches. The giant screen does not need glasses for viewing and has become the largest 3D TV of its kind at the present time. The idea of going to the cinema to see a 3D movie without glasses seems closer every day. The last to approach this goal has been a group of researchers at Kyoto NICT.

According to Europa Press, the project managers have managed to create a high performance 3D display of 200 inches.

The difficulty of the project has resided mainly in the reduction of the phenomenon known as 'noise band'. It basically consists of adjusting the parallax of the images to get the perfect 3D. Scientists have said that this aspect has been the most difficult of the project, according to a statement published by Akihabaranews.

This screen is the evolution of a previous project that had achieved a 3D display without glasses which was sized more than 70 inches. Scientists seem to have found the keys to adjusting the large 3D format, opening doors of new features previously unthinkable.

This is pointing to the evolution of more user friendly 3D TV. The project has managed to create a 3D display which incorporates the main element that the consumer want to see more 3D TV without the glasses