LG 47LD950 3D TV
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LG has recently commercially launched, the LG 47LD950 3D T. This 1080p LCD 3D TV is the first commercial TV to use 3D passive technology. This TV has already been experienced in the English pubs on the occasion of the release of the first 3D soccer games in England. The big advantage is that any polarized 3D glasses that sell for between 5 and 50 dollars work with the LG 47LD950 3D TV. The disadvantage of the passive 3D TV technology is that the viewing angle is normally reduced and there is also the problem of the definition of the picture being reduced due to make being divided 2 for3D mode. In other words each eye will view a full HD picture at a resolution of 540 lines.

The viewers will have the obvious disadvantage of viewing the picture at a much lower resolution than 1080p. However, one of the biggest advantages of having polarised passive technology such as this is a factor the 3-D TV glasses do not have to be powered to make that work. This does not only have the advantage of reduced cost of buying a pair of spectacles with a TV, but it also means that the user can enjoy a much more comfortable pair to wear to enjoy the 3-D TV experience.

The LG 47LD950 3D TV is a 3D LCD CCFL type, which uses neon and therefore no dynamic LED. The contrast of the TV is not particularly high with the contrast ratio measuring at 150 000:1. The passive 3-D TV technology allows the users to enjoy all Blu-ray 3d decoders and PS3 on the 3D TV.

Some of the basic features that are offered by the LG 47LD950 3D TV include a refresh rate of 200 Hz, a USB port to play media, but no network functions. Formats that are supported include DivX, Xvid, MP3, AC3, AAC, AVI, MKV, MPG, MP4. The LG 47LD950 3D TV has a digital tuner and HD-cable.

  • Passive 3D LCD CCFL 1080p
  • Compensation TruMotion 200 Hz
  • Dynamic Contrast: 000:1 150
  • Response Time: 2.2 ms
  • XD Engine
  • 24p Real Cinema (24p 5:5 Pull Down)
  • Intelligent Sensor to calibrate the slab depending on the ambient lighting
  • Freeview (DVB-T / DVB-C)
  • USB port for updating and reading Media
  • Formats: DivX, Xvid, MP3, AC3, AAC, AVI, MKV, MPG, MP4, ...
  • 1.4ax 4 HDMI, Scart x 2, YUV, Composite, RCA 2.0, Jack, Optical, headphones, a USB port
  • Comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses passive


The 3D LCD LG 47LD950 is already available in major electronics stores and the price of the TV will vary according to the region.