LG Announces Two New 3D TVs




03 January 2011

LG was at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas to announce the largest 3D Full-LED television in the world.

The LG LZ9700, which is a full-LED 3D TV, comes with a 185 cm diagonal screen (72 inches) according to the company and this is the record for being the largest 3-D full-LED TV in the world.

The new TV LG LW6500 offers exceptionally accurate 3D picture. This is developed by LG FPR Panel (Film-type patterned retarder), which optimizes the separation of the images for the left and right eye. For the Cinema 3D technology active shutter glasses are not required, therefore the TV comes with passive 3D glasses weighing just 16 grams and customers will not be charged extra for the glasses .

The new 3D TV promises of a perfect viewing experience from every angle. The TV has a special 3D Light Boost and a thin film applied on the screen to provide 3D images with maximum brightness. Market launch for the LW6500 in Europe (Germany) is the end of March 2011 and the LZ9700 is expected to be launched in May 2011.