LG Introduces New LED TV




The consumer electronics maker LG Electronics has introduced, its latest range of LED television monitors at the 2011 CES help in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

The Consumer Electronics Show was held from the 6th January to Jan. 9 in Las Vegas. This new LED range, which includes the models E2290V, E2381V, IPS2360V and E41, is based on the unique technology of LG TVs with a new range of attractive and innovative consumer benefits.

Specifically, the E2290V model has a sleek design of only 7.2 mm thick, which has garnered the company the CES Innovations Award. Compared with conventional monitor design, the E2290V is supported by delicate curves and sophisticated metallic texture.
The monitor's power source and making connection to the desktop are integrated into the rear of the stand, a design innovation called EZ-cabling. With its high-tech image, the E2290V has a response time of 2 ms, which allows for a perfectly crisp, bright image.

Additionally, thanks to Resolution SUPER +, and as a result of years of research in the area of resolution of monitors, the LG E2381V prevents reduction of resolution for format updates, while defining the fuzzy edges and brings more life to faded colors.