LG 3D Televisions




As far as new announcements at the CES are concerned LG has been particularly active in announcing its latest 3D TV technology for the consumer. After unveiling the 72 inch LG LZ9700 3D LED T, the TV manufacturer this time unveils the LG LW650S 3D LED TV which is a 200Hz LED TV using the latest LG 3D technology.

This new range of 3D TVs will be equipped with DLNA technology. The LG LW650S LED 3D TV uses the LG’s own-Patterned Retarder Type (RPF) to improve the separation of images for the left eye and right according to the manufacturer.' Moreover the 3D TV uses passive glasses as opposed to active ones to interpret the images on the TV into 3D mode. On this point, the TV maker has mentioned that the specs are very light (16 grams), insensitive to electromagnetic fields and will not need to be recharged.

Additionally, the LG LW6500 features 3D Light Boost technology to ensure optimum brightness in any circumstances. It also offers 2D to 3D conversion, and benefits from Flicker-Free certification granted for the first time to a TV by Intertek and TUV. Moreover, the LG LW650S LED 3D..

The LG LW650S LED 3D TV offers many features found on high-end LG. DLNA 1.5, HbbTV, Smart TV, media player via USB or from the PC (UPnP / CIFS), everything is there! The TV includes a WiFi module and the Smart TV LG portal includes Apps such as YouTube, HuluPlus, Twitter, Facebook etc

A quick note on the LG mentions as Passive Cinema 3D technology. It essentially uses the polarization of light to filter the left / right images for each eye, but the only small problem is that this format is available in line-by-Line and thus halves the resolution of the sense of height in 3D (in 2D it is obviously in FullHD 1080p). The resolution displayed by 3D is 1920 x 540 pixels which is very close to the quality of 720p. But as already mentioned, the obvious advantage of the LG LW650S LED 3D TV is polarized 3D specs that are all compatible with the various 3D Passive broadcasters (even in movies) and they cost much less, and do not require batteries.

For some of the other features of the TV, this LG uses an LED backlight Plus (an Edge with Local Dimming LED) and proposes the new standard for interactivity with HbbTV TV channels, the gate Smart TV (VOD application, sharing and reading media (USB / UPnP / CIFS)

Specifications of LW650S 3D TV:

Thickness: 2.5 cm (including 1 cm small frame)
Passive 3D conversion technology with 2D/3D
Dynamic Contrast: 000:1 10 000
Edge LED Backlight with Local dimming
True Motion 240 Hz / 200 Hz
DLNA web portal with Smart TV, Smart Share (UPnP / CIFS), LG Apps
Cast Net, Live TV, premium content, TV Apps Launcher Bar
CanalPlay VOD, YouTube, Picasa, Acuweather
DivX TV processor (TBC), a new standard HbbTV (interactivity with TV channels)
USB: HD DivX, MKV, AVI, MP4, AC3, AAC, MP3, DTS (tbc).
Triple tuner: DVB-T (DVB-T), Satellite (DVB-S) and cable (DVB-C), CI +
Magic Motion The remote is optional
4 x HDMI 1.4a (CEC, 3D, ARC), YUV, Composite, Optical, Stereo RCA, VGA, Scart, Ethernet, 2 x USB 2.0 (NTFS / FAT)
Image in high definition HD 1080p TV
Smart TV
3D Light Boost
More LED technology with Local Dimming
TruMotion 200Hz
2D-3D conversion
Depth control / point of view
WiFi Ready
Smart Energy Saving