LG Cinema 3D TV
LG 3D Television

LG Cinema 3D TV Launched




The manufacturer LG Electronics has announced the launch of a new Cinema 3D TV. The LG 3D TV looks to be the first TV that shows 3D images without a flicker.

In addition, this new TV range has more comfortable viewing glasses, which facilitate the experience of the three dimensions.

As reported in the press Havis Kwon, president and CEO of the Home Entertainment division of LG Electronics, said that they have used their knowledge in 3D to solve the concerns of consumers, such as flickering of the image and difficult to use glasses.

To improve viewing in 3D, LG has made use of the Patterned Retarder Film (FPR) technology, which optimizes the separation of the 3D images from each eye, so that they can later be merged with 3D TV glasses specifically designed to create homogeneous 3D image.

Certification of image "flicker" was issued by TÜV and Intertek. As for the glasses LG confirmed that the 3D TV glasses are very comfortable and affordable, and that the yonly weigh 16 grams and have no electrical components, so that they do not produce electromagnetic waves and do not need to be charged ever."

In order to increase the quality of the image, LG has incorporated 3D Light Boost, ie "a thin film covering the screen and ensures that images are displayed with all the glitz."

The Cinema 3D television is already on sale in Korea, but also will be made available globally from next month