Ocean Wonderland 3D Movie
Ocean Wonderland 3D

Ocean Wonderland 3D



Jean-Michel Cousteau
Jean-Jacques Mantello

A fascinating diving trip in the inaccessible depths of the oceans: This visually stunning diving adventure leads down to the coral reefs - the pulsating heart of the oceans. The turtle Aris offers himself as a friendly host and points the way to a magical and beautiful, but fragile and threatened world.

Impressive 3D images of the Great Barrier Reef off Australia to the Bahamas show the incredible diversity of life forms in marine ecosystem. This also explains the critical role of coral reefs: The habitat and food for countless species of fish and how they are an indispensable part of our world.

This Blu-ray edition contains both a 3D version (the 3D experience is a 3D ready TVs with Blu-ray player and 3D shutter glasses needed) and a 2D version (which is playable on any Blu-ray player).