Panasonic TX-P50VT20E 3D TV
Panasonic 3D TV

Panasonic 3D Television



The VT20 3D TV series brings Panasonic into the 3D TV market and the company presents a plasma 3D TV offering excellent picture quality in 2D. The all-new plasma panel uses a new, more responsive colorant generation, equipped with better filters for deeper blacks and enhanced with the electronic system for displaying 3D content.

Overall, the Panasonic VT20 3D TV series is probably the best-ever plasma TV made by Panasonic.

3D capabilities:

* BETTER THAN THE MOVIES! Compared to a good projection in the cinema the focus and depth of the image is clearer. This is because of the absence of perceptible "crosstalk" and many people have found the image quality of this Panasonic 3D TV more pleasant than in the cinema.
* The high image contrast is an amazingly realistic copy of reality.
* The TX-P50VT20E 3D TV offers a mature and consistently high quality 3D in the home theater without compromising quality.
* The 3D TV rarely uses more than 300W consumption

There are two main reasons why people should be excited about this TV; the first reason is the fact that this is the first TV by Panasonic that promises the same 2D quality picture as the now defunct Pioneer Kuro. The second reason is the obvious one because this is the first major 3D TV release by Panasonic. There is no doubt that the design of the TV is nothing special when it is compared to some of the other 3D TV models that have been released by other major players such as Samsung and LG. However the VT 20 3D TV does have a solid build quality and well defined lines. The slight brown color of the frame is also a nice introduction by Panasonic to move away from the traditional black color that has the so widely used in the past.

As far as the hardware is concerned there are plenty of connections in the back of the television. The wide variety of connections will allow you to connect to pretty much most of the devices that you have around the home. The TV also has dongle connection for the WiFi. There is a total of four HDMI slots on the TV. All the full HDMI slots on version 1.4 enabled.
As far as usability is concerned the menu system of the VT 20 3D TV is pretty easy to use as it allows the user to navigate through the functionality fairly easily. However, it must be noted that the color management system for the TV appears to be a bit limited but hopefully Panasonic will address points like this in the future TVs that are released.

It is advisable that the TV is calibrated correctly to get the best use of the television. The TV show does have some limitation for when a user is trying to calibrate the TV. The menu system keeps getting in the way of when you are trying to make adjustments for calibration. However, if you are not prepared to pay for a professional calibration of the TV, the television is THX certified which means that the out-of-the-box default settings of the TV up pretty close to the industry-standard for the best picture. THX is not perfect but the colour gamma performance is pretty good with just some small modifications required.

When the TV is fully calibrated, it becomes a strong contender as a TV that provides one of the best pictures in the 2-D mode. The VT 20 offers excellent black levels and again some of the best in the industry. It may not quite beat the Pioneer Kuro, but it is very close in terms of picture quality.

Since the TV is 3D it does offer very good 3D quality. Even if you are not a fan of 3D you could use the TV to watch for it one of the best 2-D images are available on the market today.

Despite some minor flaws, Panasonic 3D TV presents the VT20 with flawless clarity, neutral color representation (in THX mode) and excellent image depth and unobstructed view