Panasonic VT30 3D TV
Panasonic 3D TV

Panasonic VT30 3D TV Launched




Panasonic in Europe has moved ahead with the European launch of the neoplasm VT30 screen. In addition, the company will market new Blu-ray player, home theater systems and handycams.

But the main novelty will be launching a range of 3D neoplasm VT30 series, which is the successor to the VT25 range. The 3D TVs are THX Certified with 600 MHz 2D and 3D, which incorporates access to the Viera Connect Internet service. The TVs are also Wi-Fi Ready and there is also the possibility of recording on hard disk or onto an SD card. The 3D TVs are offered with 3D TV glasses.

Due to the fact that Panasonic has upgraded its 2D technology to 3D, the VT 30 displays superb images in 2D. The high quality basically means superb colours, really high contrast ratios, the really deep blacks and high-quality motion delivered by the 600 Hz processor to make the quality really stand out from the rest.

The TV comes with four HDMI connections along with three USB ports to allow the user to correct their PC and other devices to the TV.

The TV also has great user interface for connecting to the Internet using WiFi. The TV easily allows you to access online content and your home network devices along with Skype video calling with Panasonic accessories. The Viera connect feature, which is basically Panasonic's app store on the TV, allows the user to connect to social networking websites and other websites through the TV. Users can also connect to sports websites such as ESPN.

Panasonic are including a pair of 3D TV glasses that can be used by the buyers to enjoy the 3D TV. The glasses are actually the same active shutter type that were available in the previous models but the buyers of this model will notice a bit of an improvement in the design of the specs. They are no longer the deep sea diving type big goggles. The design has been improved so what to make them more compact to wear.

The design of the actual TV itself is also an improvement from the previous models. The VT 30 is actually a slimmed down version plasma which are the rather nice black bezel around the screen which makes it looks quite nice.

In contrast to the previous models Panasonic have also added SD recording on the TV.

In terms of functionality that TV is operated by a rather decent looking and well laid out remote control. It looks fairly decent but more importantly it offers the user the ability to navigate the Panasonic on-screen menu systems relatively easily.

The TV comes in a variety of sizes including; 42 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch and a massive 65 inch version of its flagship TV.

The planned European launch date for the new 3 TV models is next May.