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LE46C750 3D TV



The ultimate reality with Samsung LE46C750 3D TV

Type: LCD
Image Diagonal: 116 cm
Standard: 1080p HDTV and 3D Ready
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
100 Hz?: Yes
Contrast: 50 000:1
TNT: single tuner (SD and HD)
Hard Drive: External USB
HDMI: 4 (v 1.4, 3 rear, 1 side)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 1119 x 743 x 305 mm
Weight: 20.1 kg

There is only one way to experience a realistic 3D quality out of the movie theatre. The Samsung LE46C750 3D TV offers an ultimate experience, where images are freed from the constraints of the flat screen to fill the room.

The 3D effect is stunning with vivid images of real quality that rival the big movie theatre, except that they are being watched in your living room. Moreover, thanks to an innovation from Samsung 3D TV, you can convert your favorite movies from 2D to 3D! Samsung 3D TV is determined to bring quality to our homes and it is working hard to achieve it

It can be safely said that the Samsung LE46C750 3D TV has been long awaited by many people across the world. As expected the Samsung LE46C750 TV comes with a whole host of features along with many different hardware options at what seems to be a very reasonable price. The television has built-in 2-D to 3D conversion for those or not watching 3D Content on a regular basis.

The Samsung LE46C750 TV LCD 3D TV is a 1080p HDTV model which adopts a conventional backlight CCFL and screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The aesthetics of the TV are pretty standard but they look nice enough with the cross base stand and an overall glossy finish which looks pretty reflective. The thickness of the TV measures around 8 cm and this is mainly due to the fluorescent backlights of the TV.

The remote control for the TV is what you would expect to see from Samsung. Similar to the remote control of the other Samsung TVs, this one is very decent looking and the actual buttons on the remote are backlit which makes life easier when you are operating it in the dark.

The usability of the remote control is also very good. The on-screen user interface is presented with nice looking icons. Although the menu system lacks responsiveness sometimes the usability is still generally good.

Using the hardware of Samsung LE46C750 TV is pretty straightforward. For example connecting your computer to the TV using the HDMI port is a fairly straightforward process without too many glitches.

Like most other 3D TV models the Samsung LE46C750 TV needs a special pair of 3D TV glasses for the user to enjoy programmes in 3D TV mode. However, the purchaser will probably need to buy the glasses separately as Samsung is not offering the specs as part of a package. They can be purchased at a relatively low price with rechargeable batteries.

Since there is generally a shortage of 3D content on the market at the moment the Samsung LE46C750 TV offers the user the option to watch 2-D content in 3D mode. I guess the idea here is to plug the gap between the low availability of 3D content until we are offered more programs in the future in 3D. However, the 2-D to 3D conversion that is offered with this TV can sometimes leave a fairly substandard 3D picture quality. However, as you would expect the quality of the 3D picture is much more superior when it is watched from a 3D blue Ray player.

So how does the quality of 3D TV look when a 3D blue Ray watched? In general the 3D quality is very good. The viewer can actually experience a real immersive experience through pictures that offer real depth to the viewer. However, some people who have managed to test the 3D TV and reported problems with the left and right eye images getting mixed up to sometimes cause poorer quality.

Because this is an LCD TV and other common problem associated with it is a fact that the user has to sit directly in front of the TV at a 90° angle to enjoy the perfect picture. Watching the TV from other angles affects the picture quality. Some users have also complained about the lack of brightness of the TV when TV specs are worn. Although this can be true the actual reduced brightness can be compensated by the backlights.

The overall picture quality of the Samsung LE46C750 TV is very attractive even when it is viewed in the factory default settings. Most buyers to buy the TV should be happy to watch it in the factory settings. As you would expect there are many settings that you can adjust the TV to. For example experimenting and setting the TV to cinema mode produces probably a nice picture from the one seen with default settings. Having said that you do need to mess about with some of the settings, such as reducing the backlight, to improve the contrast ratio of the display to enjoy a better picture.

The 200 Hz motion plus of the Samsung LE46C750 TV does well to control the motion of the picture.

The Samsung LE46C750 communicates with the outside world via its Wi-Fi connection. The Ethernet port is standard and allows the TV to be connected to multimedia gateway UPnP ( DLNA ). Moreover, the compatibility of the latter is large enough in video where Mpeg2 , Mpeg4 , WMV , XviD and even DivX in SD as in HD, are fully recognized

The sound quality of the Samsung LE46C750 TV is actually pretty good but as with most other TVs it is always recommended that you integrate a dedicated sound system to get a better appreciation of the 3D TV.

So if we were to summarise the Samsung LE46C750 TV we would say that the TV produces a good quality 3D picture and controls motion well with the help of its 200 Hz motion plus feature. The only downsides might be the fact that the backlight cannot be turned off, the viewing angles are restricted and the glossy finish of the display gives way to reflections which can interfere with the picture.

Samsung LE46C750 3D TV Factsheet

Type: LCD
Image Diagonal: 116 cm
Standard: 1 080p HDTV and 3D Ready
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
100 Hz: Yes
Contrast: 50 000:1
Reception: Teletext, PAT, PIP, PAP, News + EPG, TNT (single tuner SD and HD pay channels via CI +) Cable (single tuner SD and HD pay channels via CI +)
Hard Drive: External USB
Connectivity: 4 HDMI inputs (v 1.4, 3 rear and 1 side), 1 YUV (RCA), 1 Data input (D-Sub15), 2 SCART inputs (1 RGB and 1 Composite), 1 x Composite + Stereo ( side), 1 headphone (rear), 1 stereo audio output, 1 digital audio output (optical) port, 1 CI +, 2 USB Host ports (side), 1 Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional)
Compatibility: NTSC (480i, 480p), PAL (576i, 576p), HD (720p/50, 720p/60, 1 080i/50, 080i/60 1) Full HD (1 080p/24, 1 080p/50, 080p/60 1), Data (SXGA before compression)
Multimedia: MP3, DivX (SD and HD), WMV (SD and HD), MPEG2 (SD and HD), MPEG4 (SD and HD), Jpeg, UPnP (DLNA), WebTV (Widgets)
Usage: simple remote light sensor, CEC, xvYCC, Super 4 / 3, 4 / 3, 16 / 9, Zoom Letterbox, Zoom Letterbox subtitles, overscan
Adjustment: color temperature presettable, adjustable white balance (RGB), gamma adjustment (default), backlight (dynamic) contrast-enhanced (dynamic), deinterlacing (video / film) Automatic
Noise Reduction: D NR, MPEG NR
Optimizing Sharpness in movements: SD (480i/576i) in ED (480p/576p) in HD (720p / 080i 1) Full HD (1 080p/24, 080p/50 1, 1 080p / 60)
Motion compensation: SD (480i/576i) in ED (480p/576p) in HD (720p / 080i 1) Full HD (1 080p/24, 1 080p/50, 080p/60 1)
Sound: power (2 x 10 W), decoder (PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, HE-AAC), RCA, surround processor (SRS Theater Sound), Equalizer, AVL
Consumption: 210 W (0.1 W standby)
Size (W x H x D): 1119 x 743 x 305 mm
Weight: 20.1 kg