Samsung LE40C750 3D TV Review
Samsung 3D TV

Samsung LE40C750 3D Television



Manufacturer: Samsung 3D TV

Screen size: 40 "

Display Type: LCD

Color: Black

Weight: 13.9 kg

Dimensions: 986 x 603 x 80 mm


With its 7 series LCD TVs this Samsung is a low-cost entry into the world of 3D-TV with Full HD resolution.

As a special feature, the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV has the ability to convert 2D content in 3D, so they can be viewed with optional 3-D shutter glasses in three dimensions.

More Details

One of the most off-putting aspect of buying new technology is normally the price of the latest gadgets. It can be safely said that some of the recent 3D TV models that have been released onto the market have not come cheap. However, the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV goes against the grain when it comes to pricing of this TV. In fact the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV is probably the cheapest 3D TV set available on to the market. But does that mean that this 3D TV is going to compromise on what it has to offer?

Let's have a quick look at what the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV has to offer. Let's start by looking at the design of the TV. Unlike its sister models namely the 8 and the 8 series, the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV looks a bit thicker but still thin enough to give it a nice appeal. The TV is finished with an attractive glossy effect and it stands on a glossy chrome cross stand. The TV also has a bigger version of the same model measuring at 46 inches (Samsung LE46C750 3D TV). But this size is probably be enough to accommodate the requirements of most homes.

In terms of features that TV is equipped with HDMI version 1.4 hardware, giving the user 4 HDMI inputs. The TV has a transmitter built into the set and some of the other common features include two USB ports, component video, RGB Scart and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. In order to enjoy the 3D TV experience the user needs to buy a separate pair of 3D specs. Unfortunately these are not included with the TV set and hence these have to be purchased separately.

The slightly thicker than depth of the TV is due to the fact that it has a CCFL backlight as opposed to an LED one other specifications that you get is pretty much what you would expect to get from a TV of this price. The TV comes with Freeview and Freeview HD recording to USB, 200 Hz Motion Plus processing and full access to Samsung's brilliant Internet@TV service that lets you connect to the Internet through the TV including access to popular Internet websites such as the BBC and online movies On Demand website.

The Samsung LE40C750 3D TV comes with a 2D to 3D version feature that allows viewers to convert 2-D content into 3D. This is a suitable feature where the Samsung has taken the lack of availability of 3D content into account. The feature therefore allows the user to watch the more commonly available to be content into 3D. However, although this feature works pretty well on the whole there can be a lack of true quality at times. In other words the picture can be patchy at times. On the other hand if you watch 3D film through the blue Ray the quality is amongst the best on the market. There may be a hint of motion blur but this is consistent with most other 3D TV models on the market at the moment. 2D HD is actually crystal clear on the TV giving solid motion which is smooth at the same time. In fact it with a standard definition TV shows are up scaled to a very fine quality.

The sound quality of the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV is very good when compared to other 3D TV models on the market. The TV delivers good direct sound but as we always say if you are going to make the effort of buying a fine TV then complementing it with a dedicated sound system should do the TV justice.

So to summarize the Samsung LE40C750 3D TV is actually a 3D TV that offers excellent value for money. It comes loaded with most of the features that you would expect to find our modern-day 3D TV and what Samsung deliver at this price is very impressive.