Samsung Light 3D TV Glasses
Samsung 3D TV Glasses

Samsung Light 3D TV Glasses Launch




Samsung has launched its lightest 3D TV glasses onto the market. Available worldwide, starting next month, Samsung demonstrates with this release that the 3D TV glasses do not stand only for their functionality but also by the unique design and comfort, as they have been developed in collaboration with Silhouette, a world leader in rimless frames.

The new Samsung 3D TV glasses will be available for use in electronic applications and at electronic retailers. With just 27 grams in weight, these are the lightest on the market, weighing 25% less than earlier models of 3D TV specs.

The decrease in weight has not reduced the main features: they have improved LCD lenses that make it possible to increase the contrast and brightness of the image, making the view less tiring. In addition, Bluetooth technology has been incorporated thereby improving communication with the television and blocking any kind of interference that comes from another source of transmission.

On the other side and also for the first time, these 3D TV spectacles allow graduated lenses. All new in this stereoscopic technology and, ultimately, progress in the implementation of 3D, but the real "pull" for widespread implementation of 3D screens will be when we do not need any kind of accessories to watch 3D TV