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Shock Labyrinth 3D Movie Review



Senritsu meikyû 3D / The Shock 3D maze

Ai Maeda , Suzuki Matsuo , Yuya Yagira  more>>
Takashi Shimizu

A family outing ends in a cruel way: under mysterious circumstances, a young girl Yuki, disappears in an amusement park haunted house, in which she had crept in with her friends. Ten years later there is an inexplicable reunion with the gang of the time. In the apartment of Motoki and Rin, Yuki collapses completely distraught and is rushed to the hospital by her friends. In the strange labyrinthine hospital, the group sinks deeper and deeper into the common childhood experience, as it turns out the abandoned building was the house of horrors at the time. Yuki wakes up from unconsciousness and attracts young people during the night into a spiral of ghostly fragments of memory and signs of impending disaster