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Sky 3D TV

Sky 3D TV Reaches 70000 Subscribers




The British 3D Digital platform, Sky 3D TV, has reached 70,000 subscribers.

This 3D TV content offering was launched in October last year and on the basis of the recent data provided by the carrier itself, it seems that the new 3D TV will be a success, at least among the British.

Additionally, those responsible for the platform are working hard to ensure that half of all 3D TVs sold in Britain already have this package of channels/ The supply of 3D content will increase over this year, with more reporting and documentary productions being broadcasted in 3D.

The increases subscriber base suggests that the introduction of 3D TV should be a success and that once more and more 3D content is made available, the 3D TV platform should become mainstream across the world. The release of the 3D TV channel subscriber figures will be welcome news for 3D TV makers