Sony KDL40HX803 3D TV Review
Sony 3D Television

Sony KDL40HX803 3D TV



On this page we will be looking at the Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV to find out more about what Sony is delivering with this 3D TV. This is basically a 40 inch 3D TV that has been recently released by Sony. The TV has a whole host of features some of which include the following:

• First and foremost Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV is 3D TV ready. What that means is that if you have 3D content to watch this television it can be adapted to allow you to watch such contact.

• The 3D TV is full HD so that means they have the 720 P, 1080 I and 1080 P screen resolutions.

• The frame rate of the Sony 3D TV is 200 Hz. So what does that mean in reality? Well if we imagine that the standard TV operates at a frequency of 50 Hz meaning that the television delivers 50 frames per second you can imagine the quality difference of the TV that delivers 200 frames per second. This is precisely what the Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV does. The extra frequency allows it to deliver beautiful pictures. The motion of the pictures is much more fluid and smooth and that of the standard TV. This is particularly important for when you're watching fast-paced action on your TV. So if you have a football game to watch you'll be glad that you chose this TV model to watch it on.

• The new Sony 3D TVs are also lit around the edges by LEDs. The idea of the extra LEDs around the edges is to improve the contrast ratio of the television. In addition the actual appearance of the display panel is also very which makes it not only light but also attractive to look at. The high contrast ratio achieved by the LEDs means that the viewer sees a much clearer picture than they would otherwise have a standard TV. The colours look more beautiful and the darker pictures also good on this television. The actual depth of the picture as well is the detail is also impressive on this television.

• In addition to the above features the Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV also comes with Internet connectivity. Now this is a common feature that is associated with a lot of the recently released 3D TV models by not just Sony, but also by other leading manufacturers. So commonly the TV can be connected to the Internet either by WiFi or via cabling. Once the TV is connected to the Internet the user can access some of the more popular websites such as YouTube and other video serving websites including movies on demand websites.

• You can also access free view services from the built-in free view functionality. That essentially means you to watch some of the more popular TV services such as the BBC, ITV amongst others on HD directly on your TV without needing a satellite dish.

So what does the actual hardware looked like? Well if you look at the back of the TV you see a lot of the common connections that you would expect to find on a modern digital TV. So that includes connections such as 2 Scart lead connections, an ethernet connection that allows you to connect to the Internet using a cable, and you have the standard connections were components for devices such as gaming devices with audio inputs included. You can also connect your PC or laptop to the TV directly via the PC VGA connection socket. This socket is combined with audio in and out connections for sound for your computer or your laptop. This particular model offers four HDMI connectors for your HDMI cables and also has the standard connectors for connecting your coaxial cable. And last but not least you have a USB socket, connections to your video in and finally a socket to your headphones.

So basically the hardware is pretty much standard when compared to the Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV competitors.

The television comes with a fairly user-friendly remote control that allows you to navigate the TV menu fairly efficiently. Remote control navigates through the usual Sony's user friendly menu system with the help of the up-and-down and left a right navigation keys on the remote control. Since the Sony KDL-40HX803 3D TV allows you to do much more than just watch TV menu system is well-suited for the user to navigate through various options including picking and choosing pictures that are stored on the TV and to be able to flick through them as they show up on the screen on the beautiful display. Obviously the remote control navigation does not just that. The remote allows you to adjust the various display settings to give you the desired result was well is allowing you to navigate through all the functions of the TV.