Step Up 3 in 3D Movie
Step Up 3 in 3D Movie

Step Up 3 in 3D



Step Up 3 - Take the biggest step of all in 3D



Peter Conboy , Naeem Uzimann , Moe Hindi , Christopher Scott , Harry Shum Jr. , Alyson Stoner , Chris Haemmerle , Kevin Fung , Mari Koda , Jason Etter , Cheryl Alessio , Nikita Francois , Catherine Murillo , Ashley Fung , Tanzeel Kayani , Chris Kulanusorstit , Stephen Boss , Ally Maki , Shaun Hasas , Keith Stallworth , Kylie Goldstein , Seth Donavan , Tieg Thomas , Ruby Feliciano , Rick Malambri , Kathryn Jinx , Bryan Dechart , Luis Rosado , Adam G. Sevani , Dylan Hartigan , Jimmy Smagula , Kristen Kress , Luke Broadlick , character Alex , Stacie Corliss , Juansito Pina , Shivani Thakkar , Ashley Sugarman , Daniel Fainman , Monique Dupree , Sharni Vinson , Charles Joseph Kaye , John Jillard Sr. , Carly Lang , Chas Scherer , Michael Trobiano , Owen J. Murphy , Hot Katrina , Bailey Hanks , Craig Scribner , Vinson Torell , Joe Slaughter , Nancy Elizabeth , Kendra Andrews , Marlene Neal , Travis Wong

Jon Chu

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Step Up - Show Film Series


Constantin Film

Street Dancer Luke (Rick Malambri) lives with many young dancers from different backgrounds who have come together to form the dance troupe 'House of Pirates' in a seedy New York warehouse. You are about to World Jam contest, a dance competition that brings together the best dance crews in the world against each other. The reward is a high cash! For the 'Pirates' this is a big challenge, because they need their arch-rivals, the "House of Samurai' defeated. In order to win the World Jam 'pirates' need talented young people and so does Luke who is on the underground dance scene in the city in search of new talent. Finally he comes across two suitable dancers: the unfathomable Street dancer Natalie (Sharni Vinson) and first semester student Moose (Adam Sevani). But Natalie has a secret that could destroy not only the budding romance between her and Luke, but all that what the 'Pirates' have set up.

Can the 'Pirates' together with the MSA-force in the little time left be good enough to beat the best street dancers in the world?