Toshiba 3D TV without glasses

Toshiba 3D TV




The consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba announced at the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held this month in Las Vegas (USA), to introduce 3D TVs to the European market that do not require 3D TV specs. The company plans to introduce 3D TVs without glasses on screen sizes over 40''(102 cm). The first model of a big screen such 3D TVs which measures 65''(165 cm) and will be available in Europe from April 2011.

Since December 2010, when the first such 3D TV was released in Japan, Toshiba 3D TV has demonstrated their ability to trade and produce such technology. Toshiba has decided to introduce this year's 3D TV without any eyewear in the European market after considering the wishes and demands of European consumers.

In the coming months, Toshiba will continue to assess this market to adjust their supply and bring screen sizes and detailed specification of the 3D TVs of this nature.

In this sense, the company is exhibiting two models at the CES, the 56''(142cm) and 65''(165 cm), respectively. Both use the Toshiba CEVO motor, able to provide the computing power required to run 3D technology in big screen TV, and have a LED backlight panel with 4096 x 2160 pixels that provide multiple views that allow the human brain to perceive three-dimensional images. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, 3D TVs by Toshiba not only provide a wide viewing angle, but the viewer can move his head without compromising the 3D effect.

The European launch of the 3D TV without any eye wear is a major breakthrough for the future of the consumer electronics industry. "The 3D TV without glasses by Toshiba sets a new high-end fascinating segment which expands the 3D TV product offerings.

This type of 3D TV is at early stages and the latest technology is primarily aimed at technology enthusiasts and users who are always looking for the latest developments. Therefore, the launch of innovative 3D TV will not affect sales of 3D models of Toshiba WL768 series