3D TV Sales Slow in Spain
Spanish 3D TV Sales

TV sales rocket in Spain but 3D TV sales slow




Despite the crisis-or precisely because of it-on television, in Spain, TV remains the "queen" of communication Mediso.

This is corroborated by the fact that sales of televisions, in Spain reached six million units last year, two million more than expected. While in 2010 the consumer electronics manufacturers talked about a year of "sunset" on TV sales, thanks to the World Cup and other factors, the sales of TVs rose dramatically.

According to the latest survey by the consulting firm GFK and distributed by the employer AMETIC technology. Jesus Casado, president of the Television Commission of the employers, said that the good results recorded at year end have been made possible mainly thanks to the strong "pull" of the World Cup and the "blackout" analog, throughout the country, culminating in April 2010.

For 2010, manufacturers had planned to sell the same as the previous year, four million, which is what is expected in 2011, with the return to normal orders after the "blockbuster" sales in 2010.

From the analysis of the six million TVs sold in 2010, it appears that the TV buyers increasingly bought larger screens.

LCD equipment account for more than 60% of the televisions sold throughout the year, and the same percentage of what televisions equipped for Internet access.

Despite the growing presence in the media of 3D TV, in Spain 3D TV sales volumes were still relatively small in 2010 and a massive upturn in sales is not expected any time soon. There needs to be a wider availability of 3D TV content in the country if it is to have any chance of seeing rising sales of the 3D TV.

For 2011, the management believes that the driving elements of the market must be the development of a "real and serious HDTV" and the impetus to televisions connected to the Internet.